The Shadow of the Word


by Philip Ó Ceallaigh


The Other Woman


Danielle McLaughlin


It was a summer afternoon and I was dragging groceries across the car park of the nearest Centra – which is not, in fact, near at all – when a man called to me. He was a man I had known since my teenage years, but we’d lost contact. I’d moved away and though I was back a number of years, I hadn’t met him since my return. ‘I saw your photo in the paper,’ he said, ‘but the name was different. It wasn’t you.’ And so it began. The unravelling.

Together On One Page


Paula McGrath on Edna O’Brien


Anonymous is best...


by Philip Ó Ceallaigh

i.m. Dermot Healy

In the Wake of the Rising: editorial statement by guest editor Sean O'Reilly

In April of 2005, I was asked to read something at the unveiling of a new plaque to Michael Joseph O’Rahilly—or ‘The O’Rahilly’—in what used to be Sackville Lane, now O’Rahilly Parade, just off Moore Street in the centre of Dublin. This is the lane where O’Rahilly was left to die after being hit by a number of bullets from an army barricade which blocked the top of Moore Street where it joins what is now Parnell Street. O’Rahilly was the first of the main leaders of the Easter Rising to be killed and the only one to die in action.

Alice Maher on Pond


Speech made by Alice Maher at the launch of Pond in the Meyrick Hotel, Galway, as part of the 2015 Cúirt International Festival of Literature (April 25th 2015).


What is in the other hand?

—Claire-Louise Bennett


Whose Dream Are You?

—By Sean O'Reilly


Colin Barrett’s first Fly story


[This story was published in October 2009 in Issue 14 Volume Two of The Stinging Fly. It is set in Dunvale, another fictional County Mayo town—the town of Glanbeigh having not yet come into existence (although both places do share the Mule river and Carmichael’s school). The story was not included in Young Skins, it is offered here as a bonus track.]


Let’s Go Kill Ourselves


Intimacy Issues

—By Sean O'Reilly