I will keep watch tonight,
lodged at the heel of Croghan Hill
until tomorrow when it will be her turn.

The blush of a flame will keep me awake.
A vigil to sleep—the bruised sky,
cold winds sneaking round shadows like thieves.

I fall in and out of sleep,
smell the rain over the horizon,
listen to trees murmur as I move into dreams.

I meet my spirit on a road,
wandering without flesh or bone,
I ache as I see myself again,
a long time ago now, abandoned to this place.

Clouds stretch like fingers over the moon.
I yearn to be far from here, but sense her hand
on my shoulder like a small bird’s wing, white and faint.
Child she whispers to me—stay awake, stay awake.

I say her name under my breath,
hear the rustle of her cloak as I try to pray.