Go! To that backstreet & graffiti something obscene,
To Machu Picchu, to Milan. Go obsolete. Go back to your
Teens & piss in the teachers’ toilets. Go wear a top hat
In the afternoon & spend days thumbing old photographs.
Go sideways, upways, timeways to your birth. Go sift through clouds
To find your worth. Go to your father’s grave & leave nothing
On the earth. Go far. Go further. Go brave.
Go to sea & wave at the moon, beyond the finish line & start again.
Go to womb. To a home that never existed. Back to the farmer’s warehouse
& burn it down to ashes. Go alone. Go on. Go to your bedroom
& open your curtains & lay on the floor, eyes to the stars, to the unknown.

Be! That silver painted boy juggling traffic cones. That black man with a swag
& cigar. That father who knows how to balance the world on his shoulders.
Be ash. Be bones. Your mother at the hob, burnt arms,
Humming & cooking. Be a country, be an island, be a lost boy in Neverland.
Be Hook. Be lippy & leggy & ready to fuck (& be fucked);
Be the fuck up, the fuck over. Be a candle, a pullover, the main course
& leftovers. Foam. Be a mountain dressed in white. Be an X chromosome,
Be the fight & the fought & the fought over. Be thought.
Be older, wrinkled & veiny & eyeing up death with a smirk.
Be nothing more than breath.

Live! With death in your pocket, with jupiter in your eye. Live with that tattooed
Boy your parents disapprove of. Live on the streets asking why; live without
Asking, live without withouts. Live on music & dancing & beats in your feet.
Live long. Live reading & writing & forgetting it all; live like a song, off-key,
Live like synchronisation, with fascination at all that is unknown & free. Live
With her, & him, & him & him & her. Live with a middle finger to the sky.
Live poor & poorer until you’re rich with living; live inside your skin, inside your
Fur; outside your life & soul; live within. With your heart in your hands,
Pumping & bleeding & ready to throw, live it all, what you’ve done &
Haven’t & know & unknow. Live today. Live tomorrow. See how it goes.