Kevin Power Reads Eimear Ryan

Nicole Flattery is joined by writer Kevin Power to read and discuss Eimear Ryan’s short story, ‘Body Clock’.

Podcast 23rd August 2023

Sophie Mackintosh Reads David Hayden

Nicole Flattery is joined by writer Sophie Mackintosh to read and discuss David Hayden’s short story, 'Leckerdam of the Golden Hand’.

Podcast 6th July 2023

Lucy Caldwell Reads Niamh Prior

Nicole Flattery is joined by writer Lucy Caldwell to read and discuss Niamh Prior’s short story, 'Peter and Jane'.

Podcast 14th June 2023

Darran Anderson Reads Mary O’Donoghue

Essayist, journalist, and memoirist Darran Anderson joins Nicole Flattery to read and discuss Mary O'Donoghue’s short story, ‘During the Russian Blizzard’.

Podcast 6th May 2023

Michael Magee Reads Louise Kennedy

Debut novelist and editor Michael Magee joins Nicole Flattery to read Louise Kennedy's story ‘The End of the World is a Cul de Sac’.

Podcast 22nd December 2022

Rachel Connolly Reads Michael Magee

Critic and debut novelist Rachel Connolly joins Nicole Flattery to discuss gossip, the guilty rich, and the skewed portrayal of female characters in contemporary fiction.

Podcast 26th October 2022

Susannah Dickey Reads Wes Lee

Belfast author Susannah Dickey talks to Nicole Flattery about eco-fiction, time-wasting, and the tyranny of narrative.

Podcast 23rd September 2022

Staying Up All Night To Write A Story, Part 2 – Jon McGregor

In the second episode of a two-part series, Jon McGregor talks to Thomas Morris about 'Dwell' – a story he wrote from start to finish in a single night.

Podcast 15th December 2021

Staying Up All Night To Write A Story

Thomas Morris is joined by Marie-Helene Bertino, Rebecca Ivory, and Stephen Sexton to read and discuss their 'One Night Stands' – stories they wrote from start to finish in a single night.

Podcast 4th December 2021

Frank Wynne Reads Kangni Alem

Our translator-in-residence joins Danny Denton to read the first story by the award-winning Togolese writing to be translated into English.

Podcast 22nd September 2021

John Patrick McHugh Reads Sean O’Reilly

The author of 'Pure Gold' joins Danny Denton to read and discuss 'All Day and All of the Night'.

Podcast 25th August 2021

Niamh Campbell Reads Kevin Power

The author of 'This Happy' joins Danny Denton to read and discuss 'The Dead Hotel'.

Podcast 21st July 2021

Nuala O’Connor Reads Nicole Flattery

The author of 'Nora' reads 'Sing, Dance, Earn Your Keep', a darkly funny essay about work, adulthood, and life in a new city.

Podcast 16th June 2021

Adrian Duncan Reads Vona Groarke

An in-depth discussion of the Longford writer's poetry and essays.

Podcast 19th May 2021

Maija Sofia Reads Louise Hegarty

'Getting The Electric', a story from our Summer 2020 issue, is beautifully read by the Choice Prize-nominated musician.

Podcast 24th March 2021

Conor O’Callaghan Reads Claire-Louise Bennett

Editor Danny Denton is joined by novelist and poet Conor O'Callaghan to read and discuss the incomparable 'Suddenly A Duck'.

Podcast 7th December 2020

Paul Lynch Reads ‘The Dream That Wakes You Up’

Listen to Paul Lynch read his lecture from the Bray Literary Festival 2020.

Podcast 26th October 2020

Rónán Hession Reads Zou Jingzhi

Declan Meade is joined by the author of 'Leonard And Hungry Paul' to discuss a story of teenagers during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Podcast 15th September 2020

Caelainn Hogan Reads Lois Kapila

How can we write and report on the issues of housing and homelessness, and what good can it do?

Podcast 18th August 2020

Mark O’Connell Reads Roisín Kiberd

The author 'To Be A Machine' and 'Notes From An Apocalypse' reads and discusses Roisín Kiberd's essay on the meaning of Mark Zuckerberg.

Podcast 8th June 2020

Naoise Dolan Reads Emma Donoghue

The author of ‘Exciting Times’ reads and discusses the subtle gothic horror of ‘Looking for Petronilla’.

Podcast 15th April 2020

Cathy Sweeney Reads Tania Hershman

In our first podcast of 2020, Declan Meade is joined by Cathy Sweeney, to read from and discuss the work of Tania Hershman. 

Podcast 2nd March 2020

Stephen Sexton Reads Sinéad Morrissey

The author of 'If All The World And Love Were Young' talks to Ian Maleney about two poems by Sinéad Morrissey.

Podcast 25th November 2019

Oisín Fagan Reads David Hayden

The author of 'Nobber' joins Declan Meade to discuss 'Hay', a "modernist fairy-tale" of a story.

Podcast 14th October 2019

Wendy Erskine Reads Adrian Duncan

The trials and reflections of a good-but-not-great football player are the subject of Erskine's chosen story, 'Prosinečki'.

Podcast 11th June 2019

Nicole Flattery Reads Keith Ridgway

Nicole Flattery joins Danny Denton in the studio to read from and discuss Keith Ridgway's short story, 'Andy Warhol'.

Podcast 17th April 2019

Melatu Uche Okorie Reads Ian Shine And Jonathan Edwards

Melatu Uche Okorie, author of the much-heralded story collection 'This Hostel Life', joins Sally Rooney in the studio to discuss two pieces of flash fiction from our archive.

Podcast 14th March 2019

Anne Griffin Reads Oisín Fagan

Sally Rooney is joined in the studio by Anne Griffin, author of the best-selling debut novel, 'When All Is Said'.

Podcast 20th February 2019

Jessica Traynor Reads Wendy Erskine

Jessica Traynor joins Sally Rooney in the studio to read and discuss 'To All Their Dues', a story from Wendy Erskine's debut collection, 'Sweet Home'.

Podcast 26th November 2018

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