Any Holidays?


12th August 2021

"They wore travel outfits, comfy and subtle. Tiny shorts and big hoodies in creamy colours. Shorts said: actual holiday. Hoodies said: chill, not like the other young ones going away, flashing bikinis at baggage claim."

Peter and Jane


7th July 2021

'Sometimes I long for home, but not home as it is now, home back then. Back when it was nice. When the sun was always out, and we could play all day out of doors. Before I had to be a woman.'



5th May 2021

A story from Philip Ó Ceallaigh's upcoming collection.

Gloria and Max


3rd March 2021

'Gloria! he said, not loud enough. Gloria! he shouted again. It sounded ridiculous, like some kind of dreadful Van Morrison tribute act. Gloria!'

Words for Things


3rd February 2021

"What do you think of, I said to my husband that evening, when you think of Monica Lewinsky?"

These Are The Tools God Gave Us


28th January 2021

A troubled investigator exposes deeds too wicked to speak of in Mike McCormack's story for cold nights and guilty consciences.

The Little House


26th January 2021

A group of writers from different generations camp out in a Chinese city square, musing on survival in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.



4th December 2020

Michelle Coyne's anaesthetised protagonist falls into dangerous, freeing obsession on an Icelandic holiday.

Make Way, Folks, the Mannion Brothers Are Coming Through


3rd December 2020

A despairing brother is roused by Mattie Brennan's unforgettable Mannions on a hard-drinking train journey from Galway to Dublin.