I planted a seed
The tiniest of seeds
Well more a notion of one really
And thought nothing of it at the time,

Cos you know you don’t dare
Hope that anything will come of it

It could be just a casual acquaintance
A passionate embrace
Plenty of action and passion but no follow through

And I’m not saying I have
Any objections
On any grounds
To plenty of action and passion
But you know
You get a notion
A sense of something more
Another reality
An appreciation of stability

And that there is the seed planted!

And from that day on you don’t stand a chance
And before you know it
It’s trips to Woodies on Sundays
Changing your duvet cover every…
Well more regularly
And you find yourself
Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ikea

It’s staying in with DVDs
Lounging on the couch
And an open fire
Juggling mother’s day, birthdays and two Christmas dinners

It’s talk of we
It’s merging friends
And the ultimate your place or mine turning into ours
It’s what are we doing this weekend
And do we need two cars

And before you know it
That little seed has sprouted
And it turns out to be ivy
But not poison
But it’s growing at a shocking rate
And getting all the more tangled and twisted
And it has a fierce hold on your very foundations

And you realise you’re no gardener
Not into pruning at all
And you’re very happy in your little cosy house
Wrapped in the arms of your lover.