The Long-Winded Lady

by Maeve Brennan

I don't know whether in Ireland she is considered an Irish writer or an American. In fact, she is both, and both countries ought to be proud to claim her. — William Maxwell

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On Non-Fiction about Housing and Homelessness

How can journalists and non-fiction writers tell the stories of the people most affected by the deepening housing crisis?


Multimedia Notes on the Literature of Homelessness

Tracing the wandering path of the homeless through the histories of word and song.


Fly Roundtable: The short story and the novel

Alan McMonagle, Billy O'Callaghan and Ethel Rohan have all published their first novels this year. Here they discuss the challenges of moving from the short story to the longer form.

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Red Perch

Issue 13, Volume 2: Summer 2009

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Issue 6, Volume 2: Spring 2007

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The Melting Road

Issue 30, Volume 2: Spring 2015

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Nutshell Infinity

Issue 27, Volume 2: Spring 2014

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One of These Days

Issue 25, Volume 2: Summer 2013