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Safe Words

Embarrassment, unease, discomfort – these are the building blocks of a new language; the first steps on a path beyond the consoling myths of the everyday.


A Stranger Still: In Memoriam Anna Kavan

On the fiftieth anniversary of her death, Anna Kavan's contribution to twentieth century literature remains grossly under-appreciated.


Problem Pages

Reflecting on the creation of her first collection of short stories, Mia Gallagher elucidates the perpetual lesson of writing: that it’s always easy, and always hard.

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🔒 Poetry

New Year’s Greetings

Issue 17, Volume 2: Winter 2010-11

🔒 Fiction

The Hill of Shoes

Issue 10, Volume 2: Summer 2008

🔒 Poetry

Listening to Beethoven

Issue 11, Volume 1: Winter 2001-02

🔒 Poetry

First Kiss

Issue 29, Volume 2: Winter 2014