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Edited by Sarah Gilmartin & Declan Meade

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Bland God: Notes on Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's founder is the most visible and enigmatic icon of the digital age. But what does he mean?


Kaleidoscope Eye

"I laid there with a blue sheet covering my face with a hole cut into it for my eye. This was my eighth and final unsuccessful eye surgery. It had been five years, one month, and twelve days since my first."


Act Now: An Interview with Una Mullally

"I don’t think I’ve ever felt as motivated about anything in my life. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and this is a real battle."

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No, Mon Amour

Issue 26, Volume 2: Winter 2013

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September 11th

Issue 20, Volume 2: Winter 2011 (The New York Issue)

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First Traces

Issue 6, Volume 1

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For Ever and Ever

Issue 10, Volume 1: Autumn 2001

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Issue 12, Volume 2: Spring 2009