1. Crossing Two Bridges

With this image, I attempted to marry the boreal sound of the dulcimer with the
feeling of an embryo as its exposed brain is covered, over the course of weeks, by
flesh and bone. I began by breaking pencil after pencil. Working from top to bottom, I
dragged the inked tuning wrench across the page to create the D major scale. Snow
fell upon the page and blurred all lines. Like the embryo, I was eyeless, unaware, as
the picture created itself, cell by cell, in some obscure interior.

2. The Rowers of Skokie

The challenge before me: to create the color that recalled the smell of the Skokie River,
the acrid plastic, sewage and soil embodied by the impasto smear of the mud brown,
the fern green, forlorn azure. Day after day, I watched the rowers: identical girls with
identically beautiful bodies, pulling water down the length of their muscles. For
them, I employed sgraffito, scraping away the pigment, paper ripping through in half
a dozen places.

3. Ballet of the Crooked-Legged Gnomes

No description.

4. The Feral Bee Colony

The question of abstraction or representation no longer interests me. All
ways of looking at the world are dishonest. Artists only care about forcing
you into the hive.

5. My God Was a Heart Made of Plague and Metal

No description.

6. Self Portrait with Veil and Orange

At three inches by three inches, this is my largest piece. Its full tonal range
is now revealed, thanks to the removal of a layer of varnish unwisely
added during previous efforts at restoration. The orange now glows with
its customary painful vivacity. The darkness around the eyes and mouth,
of course, are deliberate and persist.