‘It’s such a beautiful one.’
‘Oh yes, she’s highly original.’

A pallid figure shot in silk
Glitters (as Geishas do) and toils to fit her frame.
She knows she’s a seventies slut
Just powdered up – remodelled,
Blessed with assless nineties lank,
She gleams in duteous bound repose.
Pink dust spangles her wired toes;
The pinch of bandage feeds her glow.
Her chintzy mouth a cherry pop,
Her glitzy eyes set in shadow,
This woman’s seen what toes are for,
And how to set her mouth aflame.
She slithers through the glitter to find a buyer
In the sleaze.

‘Twenty-five’s up and moving.’
The pouting popsy has been sold.
She whimpers when she hears her name,
A new home for her glistening shame.
Her bandages are bleeding gold.