Georgie smiled and recrossed her legs, and Iā€”
well I looked the other way.
Not that I had to, mind you.
Winstun, I’m certain, smiled hack.
I doubt that Winston ever in his life looked the other way.

The room was a clutter of travel brochures,
her reminder of all the distant places
Rollie couldn’t afford to take her.
There was even a brochure in Georgie’s hand
as she gestured to Winston.

And they were only talking
about the good weather.
They interrupted each other’s mouths
in the excitation of their eager recitals,
hut even as they praised the persistent sun,
I suffered a Jrainage lif my vital signs.
Though I had to agree with their views.

Fm outdoors, the green world glowed
with highlights of gold.
I saw it though open French windows.
lndoors, it had been days
since anyone legally sane had lighted a fire.

There was obviously no need for travel
to exotic climes.