there is a time
              for closed minds
at night
              when the air is cold
and petals
              gather together
                            to hold
what little warmth
              they may have
revealing little
              of their natures
under a white moon
              with wispcloud racing
                            across its face


but when the sun rises
              from the east
                            to warm the earth
let our minds
              open together
as petals
              all orange orange!
                            to the sun
showing our natures
              to the skies
for no reason
              but only to show
our fragile hearts
              those thin but straight
                            frail stamens
to anyone who may
              like looking at flowers


and then comes the time
              after we have opened
for us to enjoy the sun
              eyes closed
                            on our faces


and tomorrow
              the same thrill
of opening
              into the cold air
and then enjoying
              the sun
                            the sun the sun!