Try to catch it before it has vanished,
Like an air heard on a violin,
This voice that is your own inside your head.

Think of a field you entered as a child,
Where grass was spread out like a carpet.
And you made a daisy-chain, splicing

The thin grass with your finger-nails.
Time cannot brush the memory away.
Remember you and your mother

In that same field, in summers
That are not forgotten to the heart.
The heart remembers everything.

See yourself in that same field, or another,
Years later, with the woman who became your lover,
When you knew only from books

What the word lover meant. The plot
Of your life had taken a new shape.
You walked up the centre of a church

Hand in hand to get married.
Family and friends observed you.
Strangers knelt in the side-aisles.

See if you can remember all of this
In a poem. The day with your mother
In a field. The day you carried

Your wife across the threshold
And thought the house you were entering
Would always be home.