a piece
of flag

-stone along the path
beside the river. You have stepped across

its blank face many times. Some

key to these rooms, hidden beneath. The rooms

               where you come to sit, stand, and where you
               float now, where you see

                              yourselves and yourself,

                                             of you buried
                                             under the flagstone, in the river

                                                            -bank, its gentle slope. Eroding. You,

                                                                           down, and something breaking

                                                                                          through: crocus, narcissus, poison
                                                                                          ivy. Yourselves

                                                                           gather, try
                                                                           to lift
                                                                           the stone in their many hands, try to

                                                                           dig through
                                                                           to yourself and through

                                                                           yourself, desperate

                                                                           to find that supposed key.
                                                                           The ones who bend

                                                            might pause to rest, might absent
                                                            -mindedly dig their hands into the deep

                                                            -cut pockets
                                                            in your skin. Might

                                             pull the pockets inside
                                             -out, spilling

                              a river                               of stones.