for Michelle Leggott

you see clearer than anyone       how this city disappears
this ocean slowly freezing, becoming a museum .window
with beating wings on either side of your house
water     storing downward steps to walk once from the old battery
feeling down worn steps like twilight
six o’clock     grass hidden in soaking green
you stand in evening’s colours earlier than anyone
with a blast on the mouth organ        exhausting the setting sun
the very last aural comprehension

what landscape waits for is never eyes
islands     always reflect the image of an island in the inverted heart
lamps’ light recorded on a poem’s silver plate
night chasing a predestined logic       like a dog chasing eccentricity
barking madly      the side of darkness is the starting point there
what was long buried by sunlight        retrieves you first
eyes beautifully staring      have at last a pure loneliness


– translated from the Chinese by Brian Holton