If it’s political,
it’s not correct;
if it adds up,
it’s not right.

In Philosophy,
Tony wrote.
‘Morality is expediently expendable.’

In Geography,
Tony dreamt
of his first special relationship –

with America.

In Physics,
he mocked the order of things.

In R.E,
that God was white.

In French,
that they were wrong.

In Chemistry,
that a cabinet
must contain the right elements.

In Biology –
which he quite liked –
of survival of the fittest.

In English and Drama,
‘that telling a tale
and role-play are important.’

In Art,
which astonished his tutor,
that ‘it was shite!’ –
for which he got detention,
then changed his mind.

And in an exam,
which he mysteriously failed,
(perhaps because he got his maths wrong)
he wrote:

‘A place in history is secured
if you divide, and rule,

by the power of number ten.’