Between red and dead, we lived frightened
crouching, covering, signing loyalty oaths.
The war they called cold froze our brains.
The Russians were coming to burn
our flags and steal our colour TVs.

Between green and machine, the ozone
fades away scorching our flesh. Ice caps
seep into the sea. Hurricanes come
in quick posses. Drought or torrent.
Bush calls global warming fiction.

Between blue and Prozac, who will
you be? The brooks are grey with
antibiotics, antidepressants, pain
killers. The fish sleep upside down.
This pill will make you inane.

Between lavender and hellfire,
preachers froth. Get saved again,
again. Yet it still itches. In the
dark, what you really want licks
your thighs, burns hot in your brain.

Between white and night, dark
faces invade your entitlement.
They are stealing your birthright
to stomp and swell. Why can’t
the world be peopled by only you?

Pick a colour, any colour from zero
to infinity, from blood to cancer,
from war to Armageddon, from AIDs
to bone, from here to no one
on a very fast jet.