Out of nowhere I remembered dawn
And it was almost like in childhood –
The soul tore itself from the body,
It saw right through it from above,

Unattached now for good
To its evacuated comical form
Which can’t even get off the ground.
It saw the body, but didn’t know

How clumsy it really was,
Wingless for eternity.
I myself must have been off to the side
Because I saw them both

Through the morning half-light, strangely clear,
As if it wasn’t winter,
Or fog, or buildings getting in the way.
And I was between them both

Like a third, an odd shoe,
I’m not quite sure where,
Off to the side, but near,
Hidden now in a nook of the soul

Floating lightly through space, now
In its corporal shell, looking up
With sincere regret. Then in the air
A mantel of snow was flapped

Threadbare, riddled with holes,
And people’s faces down below were also white.
I rippled down, conjoined, and soaked
Into the city.