After a few days of the dry heaves
the cat coughs up the space-station
seemingly undamaged in a sticky fur ball
the moon ferry’s engines switch from
a worrying rattle to a smooth reassuring hum
the earth splits open right on schedule
the stars glitter closer and closer larger and
larger my girlfriend suddenly apologises.

They’re dragging the river for yet another
homeless victim beaten to death by off-duty
Samaritans dog-tired seraphim are being hooked
and hauled down to circle the lighthouse a massive
whirlpool of grease is on the move from the Persian
Gulf out into the Indian Ocean the last last Mohican
is opening the first MacDonalds on the moon.

It’s all right for you Wonder Woman
seven feet seven inches of ineffable beauty
in a luminous blue nightie leading a pair
of identical leopards around a lake’s shimmering
edge in moonlight I’m still working on that
elusive one hour erection (ten minute orgasms)
with manuals creams abrasives bull’s blood
yogic breathing liquid suspension open heart
manipulation blow-up dolls bi-location and
signed editions of the lives of the saints.

That midnight phone-fuck is keeping me awake
a ten-second jerk-off I thought I’d have forgotten
by now but that’s love for you.