You. Mine. Why do you still hesitate to use the word love?
This place is me. That place is once again invited to love.
Don’t believe that I’ve turned my hands into the sea,
my mouth into clouds.
My mouth and my hands are what the world thinks they are.
My day ends with daylight.

Hush now. I’m altogether different from however it might seem.
Day by day this comes to resemble love.
If I am taken for a man, coming along in his blue hat,
If I am a loaf of bread being broken, in that case
Is it like love? It is.
It’s how I carry myself in the eyes of those around me.

It’s as if I’m taking it around with me the word love,
Awake and soulful, every day it’s by my side,
I don’t know what to do, what to make of how delighted I am—
I go to the parks just to see myself.
Some people’s hands are like mine, others’ are filled with despair.

And even if I were to run away, somehow its dark now, already—
The world the two of us inhabit is the same world.
I’m someone who is up for love, for blue, for struggle,
I’ve got the courage for it. And you,
are you up to it, to these two hands?
Let’s stay up all night drinking together,
till another morning comes.