A rapid exit from the classroom is best,
to avoid any unpleasantness in the hall.
Tearing out with a half closed bag
snagged in the crook of a bony arm
may also convey the impression of being a person
with something to do, or someone to meet.

The locker room is hostile territory,
so books should be dropped
and lunchbox extricated expeditiously.
Do not be distracted by food—
the object of lunchtime is not to eat
but to make it back to class
and sandwiches, post-consumption,
have little negotiatory value.

The selection of a hiding place should be informed
by the weather, the pattern of play
in the fields, and anything overheard
about who is due a bashing, and where.

Finally, for appearances sake,
remember to laugh when disappearing—
as if you too are playing a game.