Some signs are on a par with other signs, all are written into the guttural.

A sign along the side of the road with a bad bend in the middle, says:
Slow—Wake on Here. A test tube of his blood, shaken by the nurse

who still asks after his neighbour’s daughter who nearly married her son,
is a sign that blood can be too thin or too thick, and that he can feel too shivery

or too sweaty, accordingly. If your mother says: The Signs Are on You, then you
know that there is a mishap between you, she is saying to your face what she

normally keeps wrapped up in a handkerchief at the back of a drawer with moth
balls around it. It is a bad sign if there is not any sign of him, either coming

or going and you know there is no man, nor no dog to see about. It is a sign
that something is up if you hear your own footsteps stop and you believe

you are either a missing person or an enigma. Scientists exploring the Will
to Live is a sign of the times that are in it. The low-angled winter sunshine

coming in through the bedroom window shows up the seven different
chemical reactions that your brain is undergoing during a lie-in, four

help with the thinking process and the other three are making you add
things up, with your childlike voice saying: Look, Look, Look, No Hands!

A sign stuck in snow and erringly pointing upwards makes you realise that you
haven’t turned your head for the last fifty miles and your heart is no longer content.