The photos on the wall all tell
the same story—how a horse
galloped past the lighthouse into the sea.
It was an ex-racehorse, tired of stud—
name Fancydancer, three times winner
of the Irish National, with different jockies,
all surnamed Crowe. Those in the know
say that horse would have won riderless—
say it was lamed in the night by a rival stable
to stop it winning everything in England.
I say the photos on the wall tell it all—
those races were practice for this final gallop,
this last captured splash into the sea.
How the photographer knew to be there,
how he had a boat ready to follow
the now-swimming horse, is beyond me,
but the photos show each stage—the head
held high out of the water, the hoof-frothed foam,
the long creature tiring, mouth-opening, sinking,
and finally the buoy, last photo on the wall.