Feet have been turning up on the shores of Canada.
Nobody is doing anything about it.

Whose feet?
We don’t keep files of toe-prints.

There’s a killer out there, cutting people’s feet off
and throwing them into the Pacific Ocean,

like you’d throw a stick for a dog.
Maybe he’s got a dog.

Maybe he—look, feet are turning up.
In the real world.

This is real life we’re talking about.
Somebody is doing something terrible.

Why are we not all on this feet thing?
Are they found in twos—

or is it mix-and-match? Is it somebody’s job in Canada
to compare all the feet and see which ones are related?

If he can’t get a pair
does his friend tell him to go fish?
These are all men in my imagination.
Women are not involved in things like feet turning up.

If it was penises, now,
there’d be your women.

But it’s feet.
Actually there have only been five human feet found;

four right feet and one left foot,
and one further foot, that of an animal

put into a shoe—all the rest are in shoes too.
The animal one was a hoax.

Animals don’t wear shoes.

Now they are saying it might be natural,
on the news, that the feet don’t look like they were removed by force.

Did they just fall off then?
Everybody check your feet!

This is real. People are finding feet on the beach in Vancouver.
If you get less than two when you count your feet,

one of these found feet might belong to you.
But a body at sea for a long time will separate, they say, naturally.

Is the shoe—is the rubber-soled trainer
more buoyant than a free-floating hand? Or a head?

They are blaming the tsunami now
for these feet.

Maybe the shod foot is the only part of a human corpse
unappealing to sea turtles. That is another possibility.

I just can’t get my head around these feet.