Just to prove he could, like all those wonderful technicians of the genre,
he had decided to try writing a Haiku—you know—one of those
old Japanese poems that expresses an emotion in only
seventeen syllables and comes back around on itself or something.
He had this idea about dust moving about in a sunbeam
in an empty room, how he might describe it. So he gave it a try:

Does the sunshine catch the
dust motes or do the dust motes
catch the sunshine?

Seventeen syllables, but too contrived. So he tried again like this:

Does sunshine catch the dust motes,
dust motes catch the sun,
Or do they just meet?

Seventeen again alright, but forced, trying too hard, so one last go:

In an empty room the sunshine
and the dust motes,
they catch each other.

There. He’d use that.