We protect the weak and call it love
or ethics. For the safety of our students this door
must remain closed at all times. Ani yalda tova. I am a good girl, I tell the Israeli jeweler
who is impressed with my Hebrew. An American nearby says,
Fuck Israel. I offer, I am a bad girl. Ani yalda ra.

To dance is a kind of paralysis. Muscles contract
in a certain way and we call it beautiful.
The men on the beach made me think
they were dancing tango, but instead one
was helping the other will his feet to remember

walking. If I had withered hands and always gave you
your pen with my teeth would you think it beautiful?
For the continued safety of our money
these checkpoints must remain closed
at all times. For the quality of our progeny these legs

must remain closed at all times. These minds.
This mouth. This heart. Why don’t you substitute
your for these and this? See how it feels. Ani yalda ra.
Feel that. Feel me feel you. Tell me I’m good
and bad. Tova and Ra. Let us be both.