when we were in the spar looking for briquettes
i stood for a moment at a shelf that contained
amongst other things
jacobs ice-cream wafers
and looked at the packet thinking gosh

summers as a grange park crescent kid
in the little green in the sweating air
catching fat bumblebees in jamjars
when somebody’s ma would doubtlessly appear
with a plate of ice-cream wafers
hand cut slabs of milky delicious
i am six and this is perfect vanilla
framed by wafers kind of the same colour as our skin
that tasted of nothing and stuck to the roof of your six-year-old mouth
but felt
like summer

and when we were practising for our holy communion
the teacher would line us up and make us pretend it was happening for real
we were meant to be thinking of
body of Christ
body of Christ
instead of the white silk dresses and fat ten pound notes we’d get
white silk dresses and gloves
white silk dresses and gloves like child dollhouse brides with wafers in our mouths

and i said this to you or something shorter
something like
god i haven’t seen those since i was a kid
and you looked down at me all brown eyes and said

we never really had them in my house
but you know
i was a real good kid most of the time
but when we were in the supermarket
i just couldn’t help doing this

then you placed your index finger on top of the blue jacobs packet on the shelf
and pressed down hard

i am six and this is perfect summertime stuck to the roof of my mouth
summer framed with wafer
body of Christ on the tongue of my child self looking like a bride
clutching a fresh ten pound note in my silk-gloved fist
but you are a menace
a heathen menace who never made his holy communion
heathen supermarket menace