This here, good people, is the first entry in our shiny new blog on our still relatively shiny new website.

Over the coming months we’re going to try and develop the space into something lively and interesting—but for now it’s just me sitting here looking out at another dull Dublin day and thinking about all I need to get done before I can go with a fairly clear conscience to Kilkenny tomorrow for the Tobias Wolff and David Vann reading.

The lively and interesting bits will more than likely not be coming from me at all—I’ll duck in every now and again when the spirit moves me. We plan to entrust the serious business of informing, enlivening, provoking and entertaining to a few guest-blogger-types. Thomas Morris will be the one charged with keeping the house in order – and he’ll be providing a regular round-up of literary news on the blog too.

If you have any suggestons as to topics you’d like to see covered on the blog, please get in touch.

I now declare this blog open… and rather than smash this here bottle, I suggest I just pour myself a nice big glass instead… ah yes… that’s much better already.