badtooth fairy an algid penny from the scummy depths of the pond

speaks in red stars to the night / burning scarecrow

i shake my head free of golden dreams / sleep has left its green grit

pip stellar core in a whole apple of bright space

a wasp rests in your hair its whirr silenced

and here of him a coldsore monument

eggpocalypse / raped Leda’s little fucklings born to pluck their father

our troubles so thin when stacked away in the Tarot deck

blood inscribes Dhammapada on the streets of Myanmar

inner sea / parasites floating in a whale’s eye

our remembrance / silt of mermaids rotting

lost entrails at the colon nailway station

crosswords seek sibilants between the fork-tongued head-lies

Babylon’s scuds of pig-fat fall on Jerusalem

I Ching coin / slit-machine ching ching

churchyard hedge a throstle’s song at dusk

flat stones skimming water / loveme lovemenots become the lake floor

those gypsy snails / thrush smashed their caravans

blind face of compressed stone / a spectrum noose tightens on the white moon

up the lightning ladder / my grey elfin bride in her daisy-chain dress