after Piere Lunel (fl.1326-1384)

No wonder contagion
& poverty are our chokechains
shitehawk shittalk corruption
we couldn’t contain
it was in the air, polluted
people breathed contagion,
& in the endup
no sector escaped lethal spoor.

Rule of law lies in ruins
all growth is malign
nothing sacred, no tradition
no faith, no family, no home,
no mate, no comrade.
The necessitous man
values wages over friends
sells his gran for bonds.

Deeds & words turn
(& thoughts) to pennies; heaven
& patria thrown, like mom
& apple pie, to the mind’s
oubliette. Globalized
capital takes it out on
the poor, and you, stunned dumb
by consumption, laissez faire.

Honour is priceless (so no-one
has any) for everything else
there’s credit, or there was.
Nothing for it: consolidate
redouble folly & interest.
We ignored augers
forgot ourselves
the future is mighty austere.

See here—these trainee management
types, blokey pillocks & pricks
and their Guignol dolls
in high street flash & designer diffusion.
Their de trop St Trop & leopard print
would suit some nonce priest
just as well our new ministers
are reality TV exercise video queens.

Jesus, what did we do ever
to deserve crucifixion?
Was it just to make the picture
when traders on the floors
were dicing? Penitence
is our lot, discipline
cuts opportunities
for charity & redistribution.

My Christalh, beau-belle
light, joy and consolation
times are hard, we’re poor,
fraught with pain. Superheroine
Crystal of the mist & snow: pray for us.
Crystal Gayle: pray for us.
Billy Crystal: pray for us.
Krystle Carrington, pray for us

                                     in us now
                                     at the hour

(Toulouse, 1348 / Dublin, 2012)