desire’s cost is soil soil soil
the house mirrored by a house house
buddleia cut down bees fizz fizz
a robin red breast flits and flies
where is my nest was that my nest
a cat rakes through the new soil
mine is this mine territory mine
this is your life fleeting who needs money
or a father who stays on the island
who needs what no more kids so
a radio plays or is it the jingle of the TV news
familiar childhood darkness
your mother is cleaning and cleaning and
cleaning and cleaning
international disappeared day
what—everywhere in Ireland it’s no seasons
seven remain the technology is there
a little bit of courage is all that’s
have to keep on hoping
breath in my body keep asking
disappeared people people who know
who know where he is
nine of the disappeared won’t give up
and so my mother is weeping and
and my brother wants a lift
lift lift home
he talks talks talks talks to himself
and says says says Ireland is an everywhere and
the heart heart heart is a rotten fruit and
we played at sticks as kids
we played at sticks as kids
and we moved moved moved moved moved
remember that house where we were happy
happy happy then ran away yes yes yes remember it well
the pain has grown like an unwatered plant
changing growing into and out of the soil
where desire’s cost is a farewell where one man
is talking talking talking talking talking
to the wind wind wind wind wind
to the water water water water water
to the hah hah hah
hah hah hah
to the hah hah
hah hah