we begin our stories with vindictive gods
fairy tales and fratricides
fathers instructed to kill their sons

we tend towards the casual horror
of Nazi party meeting minutes re industrial design
motorcars that go forever and Siemens kitchen appliances

we tend towards forgetfulness
over and over again
we do not think often of Armenians


we begin our stories with vindictive gods
and paint pictures on factory walls
of Jesus Christ or Santa Claus

we work towards the early evening television schedule
        of talent shows and pageants
conquer quietly empires that were to endure for us
and reimagine our flight eventual into space
we allow our muscles retract a little until called upon again
        to take their alien form
and from the positions we have been given
act out the act of being

oh Henry Henry Henry Ford
now we know what you mean:

the production line is the tenement of every living thing