I pull on my wetsuit, my flippers,
my goggles, and attach the snorkel,
then dive in from the rock.

Iā€™m a metre above the seabed.
The stones and sea-anemones dazzle,
then I meet the pair of seahorses.

They are dancing through the water
as if on TV. I waggle my snorkel
to high-five them, then swim on.

A turtle veers to intercept me,
flaps his flippers to stay stationary,
while he gives me a good gawk.

I leave him, and dodge a submerged
rock, on which a crab is sitting,
waving his pincers. Stay there,

I urge him, as two eels close in,
passing on either side of me,
then doubling back, while a jellyfish

approaches me. I turn around,
but I feel the jellyfish is gaining,
then I see the wings of the giant ray

blotting out everything else,
so I rise to my feet and wade in,
throwing the snorkel back to them.