Last night I had a dream of a Cash Converters
that had been laid out like an Argos store.
They had terminal stations waiting to scan
items (like gold clocks, wedding rings and baby photo frames)
so, in an instant, you can sell them by yourself.

It was rammed with people weeping:
the things they bought yesterday
worth a fraction today of what they paid.
Last night I had a dream
of hooped rings and heavy metal chains
fastened tight by invisible hands.

Today when I wake
I am flying to Chicago with an empty suitcase.
You can get the things you need in Walgreens
on the corner of any street. It is rammed
with people weeping over supersize sodas
and microwave burritos.

Last night I had a dream:
rows and rows of terminals,
self-service kassa stations,
running along Parnell Street
all the way to Michigan Avenue
and, behind them in the lanes,
super high cube freighters
waiting in line
to take everything away.