Time Regained

Before we read the mise en scene
as a shadow of our “hero’s”
lust for the girl with the lips,

a death defying grasp of Eros
and sex that rattles a car, unlike the rain,
as their bodies eclipse

the delicate arrangement in the frame:
the mole on her neck as she slips
out of her dress, the cross

tilted on the wall; through this timeless mix
of sacred and profane
the action alone transmits to us

everything they never, but need to say
to escape from the bonds of their families,
we must consider those earlier clips


which flickered onto screens
without the glitz, or the fuss
of an overheated star-system:

the down-and-up of the wall
as it sucks-in the dust
from the fabric of the waistcoats


of the erstwhile demolition crew;
the seed of narrative film

where the audience sat to face the oncoming train
and watch Time undress, frame by frame.