Take up the smallest amount of space
that you can take up and still breathe.
The sun moves around you while you stay in place.
Earlier it was over the Tara Street bridge
and now it is on Capel Street eating a baguette.
This gives cosmic significance to your stillness,
which other people might call lazy
or pathological. In fact you are personally
ensuring the smooth rotation of celestial bodies.
In fact consuming is also a form of creating.
When you consume your second half-cup
of cold coffee, you are creating a life in which
the cold coffee is consumed. You create
so much with every moment that it is
almost too tiring to go on. Nothing that happens
to you or around you or only “happens”
such as in dreams or elaborate lies
is wasted on you, it is all very creative.
At the end of the day you have directed
and produced ten or so hours of irretrievable footage.
If you close your eyes and count to one
without thinking then you will have counted to one.
Do it again and again until you understand
what I‘m saying. There is always something between
each experience. There is no smallest amount
of anything, which you will always be about to discover.