Morning is such a sensitive time of day.
When they come to strip out the windows
we all stand in the hall. It is easy to destroy
almost anything. Within twenty minutes the wall is
just cracked open, like a broken egg, and I haven‘t
even had a cup of coffee yet. Outside, a fine rain falls
like beaded curtains, except there is no outside
anymore. I think about you in a forest.
I think about yesterday when we were having sex
and I hallucinated a forest, and the word
Germany. You take this as evidence
of your sublime technique, though the ‘Germany‘
is a little confusing. When the woman asked us
to leave the bookshop she called us intimidating
but that‘s just what we want them to think.
Actually I am frightened and you‘re only so amusing
out of a kind of compulsion. Maybe we could have explained.
‘Actually I‘m frightened,‘ I could have told her,
‘and he‘s only so amusing out of a kind of compulsion.‘
People don‘t like to be laughed at, but the real question is
whether they deserve it. ‘It‘s frightening, isn‘t it? There‘s nothing
weird about that.‘ They don‘t need to break any glass
taking the windows out. It‘s not eight AM yet
and we are out looking for coffee. Men wearing last night‘s suits
look like lonely flowers, softening at the corners.
The rain comes down intensely or else I miss you
so intensely I am appropriating the sensations
of climate to express myself. I think of you in a forest.
I think of you making me laugh until I hallucinate
about forests. Really what you are is
you are a psychological extremist. The morning can be
a sensitive time of day, we found somewhere to drink coffee
and I think I might never go anywhere again.
No one will ask me to leave, there is nothing
very intimidating about me here, not now
that they‘ve taken the windows away
and let the outside go everywhere.