1. Pied-à-terre from Catullus 68

Allius gave us his assistance
turning trespass into open access:
he secured both maisonette and mistress,
a shared bolt-hole to school our eager loves.

Hear the deft tread of my flaring goddess
searing the threshold with her white hot foot
poised at our door, the urgent tinnitus
of her quick sandal sprang across the house.

2. Love / Hate after Catullus 85

I love and hate—

clear causes why
I cannot yet articulate.

And even as you gently slide
into my mixed-up state—

we’re crucified.

3. A Poet’s Road after Hartnett’s ‘An Phurgóid‘

When roads are purged of their milestones
and lovers lack rambling-houses,

shy herbs will still come billowing
from every sullen verge.