Forgive me father I am a wolf & you can call me Borris
in the grounds of Jerpoint Abbey I once mauled a gerrymanderer
I cannot leave I’m tied to Ossory
I protected Cearbhall by shield-light
(he wouldn’t take me with him take me with him to Orkney)
when a full moon comes around
I get blotto in Tynan’s so maybe fuck up a sheep or two
a drunken howl does less damage
I’m a supernatural being a loyal lycanthrope
a thing that’s a thing of the past
made to serve the masters I stuff envelopes
in Kilkenny County Council
no kings left to bodyguard
you can’t need what you can’t believe
I’ll tell you things you already know
Cúchulainn was a dog-man he knew my cousin
he loved to gnaw on a sliotar
I was born in the Slieve Blooms baptised in the cold knuckles of the Nore
I coach camogie down at Mooncoin
& in my free time I lap up the fresh sources of all Three Sisters
I’ll serve no more I go out running every night