Why is the bin-lorry stopped outside the cemetery?
Why is the caravan planted in the middle of the field?
Why is the fleet of buses parked for months in the yard?
Why is the boat upside-down on the side of the hill?

The answer to all these questions is you’re in Donegal.
Go out to our islands—make a start with Inishtrahull.
Photograph the dog’s tombstone in the tiny graveyard
where most of the other graves have wooden crosses.

Next try Arranmore—observe the wrecked cars in the fields,
then have a drink in any bar, and find it doesn’t shut.
Lastly, be good to yourself and take a boat to Oileán Thoraí.
You’ll be met on the pier by the King of the Island

with his accordion, and he’ll lead you to his favoured bar
where he’ll sink brandies, and pay for none of these.
And he’ll produce his naïve paintings for you to peruse, in
the sureness you’ll have no option but to purchase one

that he’ll sign, then serenade and toast you, after
which you might want to walk out to the lighthouse
under the full moon, followed by the last corncrake.
And you’ll feel blessed to have ended up in Donegal.