Two lines crossed above the city of Melbourne
which celebrated poem begins with this image?

Who played the Ghost in The Haunted Menagerie?
Who played the Moon in The War of the Galaxy?

Which minerals are present in the average dog-turd?
What is the name of the colour only seen by fish?

What really happened in the Amelia Earhart mystery
and who was the trailblazing female pilot’s navigator?

Where and what exactly was the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
Explain why the Dancing Plague of 1518 is so called.

If I were to stand on my head and sing, who would I be?
Which are the two words used for a five-legged horse?

In the 1952 FA Cup final, who scored the winning goal?
What animals are drawn on for Quetzalcoatl’s symbol?

The owl-hoot is a recurring motif in which symphony?
What was the currency used on the lost island of Atlantis?