Do not look directly into the projector beam

or confront your dreams, not ever ever ever

Not everyone you know can see the colour blue

and this is problematic when it comes to self-analysis

Our own advice is to keep clear of others, though some—

despite warning signs—will always ignore advice

But if you hear one thing only then let it be Do Not Touch

at least, Handle With Care—and if the label says Fragile

and you’re left wondering how easy it is for some object to break,

some secret to be shared and destroyed, some chance opportunity

or other to be squandered—And if you still need the scrutiny then

wear protective clothing and hold on, hold tight, hold out,

and do not lift manually, and please, with your notebook

and keys—Please do not operate without guards in place—

Make it safe, make it safe—My needs are unknown,

my hopes are unmet, I ask only for authorised personnel

And that sign does indeed read Heavy Plant Crossing

And now remember, to go and wash your hands, I’m all yours