after Oviedo’s sketch of a pineapple

of course there will be botanists

ripe with pride on their knees in front of monarchs

across the whole of this temperate continent

there will be hothouses and pineries

and the sheer graft and inconvenience

of forcing you to flower at these latitudes

you’ll find yourself as centrepiece

unsliced uneaten recycled for dinner parties

until you begin to rot from the core

and once in the mind of the nobility

the idea of you has been firmly established

as something prestigious and expensive

you’ll be abstracted further still

from your flesh and juices and fashioned

into stone bollards along grand driveways

but for now before any of this

you are a drawing of an armoured thing

risen out of sierras half a globe away

you are as close to mythological

as the modern world can allow for

with potential inside you for hatching dragons