so then allan & i went to the drive in

in hoboken mom looked after the kids

      and while we were filling up on gas

and getting candy along the way

i bought a pack of flashbulbs & a pint

of four roses at about the same time

allan was tipping the attendant and telling

him go nowhere stories about the war

      back then he d talk about how family stores

like my dad s were repositories of memories

yet to be made that each bar of soap sold

 suit made to fit     kitchen set displayed

& dollar tendered was in anticipation

of a life as yet unburdened by collapse

      that photographs too     fulfilled this need

to anthologize and make tangible the fleeting

      so when i tell you the picture we watched

wasn t very interesting that s because it wasn t

      some old thing by hitchcock about a man

who kills a woman and all the suspense that

that involves hardly worth the celluloid

      the picture i d take would focus on a crescent

of buicks fords & cadillacs crouched

around a hovering still life of the moon

 wire strung lanterns strung low over

a picket fence behind a silver screen

 the night sky burned black into the foreground

& allan asleep beside me dreaming diane