After Dr Susie Orbach

With you / I am pomegranate

lung, sweet alveoli seed bursting 

at the teeth of you, the stain of me

I cannot, at any cost, let touch you. 

With you / steel wool nibble gnaws

my elbow crease, ceaseless

itch at the back of my knees.

You won’t tell me what. can’twhatcan’tstop.

With you / I am water, bone becomes =

blue, pure H2O hue, infinite

and giving. But it was not me that 

was called here to drink.

With you / I am the dandruff

dusting these cake wedge shoulders,

I am the gawked-at in a poundland paperweight. 

Thank god now snaps the clock. Day. Over. 

You spear me, spite me, stroke

in me something that has banished

its own name, there are not-word 

things you need me to know.

Eye have trained my I years this alchemy

   this gut to word

                              this vein to verb

this skin is always seeking a syntax. 

But you / you / you / you steal 

of me my sorcery, my man-made 

mystery, all I can do is lick the salt

of you, bathe in your animal wound.