worn dusty dark donkey jacket with leather patches on the shoulders hanging on a rack outside a                    
shop with. a forecourt
other objects are placed around
pieces of. junk
including a table bearing some chipped china plates and some tarnished brass trinkets                    
there are two salesmen
one who is in the shop is the Son of an older man who is out the back
the. Son is thin has fine blonde hair and is wearing a red check shirt
the father is shorter and wears a beige overcoat with. wide lapels it is double breasted
and has a                    
he stands with his hands in the pockets
his face is drawn in at the cheeks and he has short light brown hair
blue eyes
he has. a frail ascetic bearing
the Coat has no price on it
it is very dirty and needs to be cleaned and repairs done to its various holes
i ask how much the Coat costs and i am told. four pounds
this is too much and i will pay no more than two
i say to the Son no i shake my head.
the Father is in the background
the Son looks to him and he looks to me
i signal with my outstretched arm. and two raised fingers that two pounds is the price
i want                    
he comes towards me and i go towards him
there are some other old gentlemen with him
we are in an open space it’s like a back yard
the other gentlemen. are wearing dark suits and smoking cigarettes
the Son joins the Father
he is not sure that the Coat is worth more. than two pounds
and he stands in an attitude of non-committal to either party
i hold the Coat up to the Father
pointing out to him its drab condition and the fact that it needs to be cleaned
four pounds. for this i say
look at it it is filthy dirty
it will cost me four pounds to have it cleaned
the material is worn out and look it has a hole in the back
it’s only worth two pounds i’ll. give you two pounds for it my argument is forceful and the Father is won over
at this point though one of the older gentlemen
who has been talking about other business with the Father says to him
I’ll give you four pounds for it
it is obvious that he. doesn’t want the Coat and i look at him in surprise he looks back from below his
brows and says just. to stop a catholic having it