When nougat was nugget

and Renault was Renawlt

and Ajax of Amsterdam

was said the same way

as Ajax, the all-purpose cleaner

or the fearless hero of Troy—

he who led the Greek attacks

and covered all retreats.

When Gerd ‘Der Bomber’ Müller

hadn’t an umlaut to his name

and Madrid was not Real but real

and I got stuck on delicatessen

while reading Minnie the Minx

because we’d no such thing in Enniskillen,

I could have told you, all the same,

what brand of religion you were

by how you said aloud

the townland name of Derrychara—

with the hard ch of church

or aspirated and without.

Derrychara or Derraharra

that’s to say Doire Chara

meaning the oakwood of the weir.

Or, as a friend of mine suggested,

Doire Chora meaning pot,

cauldron or swirling pool.