All of Prague felt like ghosts to me, you say

And so we went to Prague and it was cold and it was beautiful because it was cold and I got used to the feeling

Each morning we threw open the windows to watch the swans on the river while you were sitting on the deck of a beach house somewhere in Maine watching sailboats and drinking tea

Back then my dreams were actually enjoyable

Now I’m thinking about what he said about monotheism, deserts, God as creator/ perfect/ transcendent etc

And sand and mountains and houses on the side of mountains and the bushes that grow there and sun and that barbwire fence

No clouds, no breeze, no water, what I mean is the heat

The heat in the desert that doesn’t fall with the sun; that makes the scent of rosemary good up to a heavy point; that burns like sleet when you first feel it and for all time after that