An unwillingness, a thing that clung.

Abolish woe. You cannot and

is it possible you like it? Liked living

with an it to fix. Oh behaviors. Ask

the question. Like lowering a necklace

down your throat: heavy, fine and cold.

A slick service—the water spills green

from the gap in the wall or clear

but virulent it greens the wall.

Aisle for vagueness, aisle for no, aisle for

bright crumbling coins of eye-shadow

that spoke up in their dream and said:

‘It’s here that one can toss oneself into

the shining pigments that reflect death

so verdantly.’ They really said that!

Breathing like a human beneath the house.

I close my eyes to go there, but being there

is thin. Possums have unusually full jaws.

They are attracted to broken forms and

knowledge held back from itself. Inarticulate,

separated by images, ads, asides. Some teasing

some surprise, a knocking on the floor.

It doesn’t matter how fucked the honor. Just

having been selected makes my heart beat harder.