masks a rote completion

of the tasks assigned

once memorised



for the wasted evenings



on appearing

in an open doorway

to rut

commence enclosure

long before attempts

to enter joy

repeated efforts

at depressing

all the mechanisms

for retreat

are not required

one thrust will do


upon getting

enmeshed anew

forgetfulness returns

regards approval


needs no posture

and the patience of the fool

who knows no better

than to think

of strength renewed

or plastered over

as immune

to deprivation

a wound

some slight in voice

discomfort with complaint

a rearing horse

a bull

a cow

some otters crossing fields

just out of sight


maternity despairs

on understanding anger

sadness better understood


and obsession

wandered lanes

take up the slack

of introductions

breakdowns happen

at the end of weeks gone by

during which the thought occurred

that nothing really happened

stick back

exchange a friendship for a train


or mistaken

as the one for keeping time

exchange a walk for fractures

given into mud

attendance with machines

to indicate the liveliness

of your own body

a memory of plaster

a memory of noting what was wrong

and hoping then that other things were too

one’s head or foot

or diaphragm producing

mottled vocals

instead of what was

indicated properly

instead of sadness understood

in disappointment with the product

of a union

then disregarded

in an arable environment

within a wasteland

located amiably

located after hatred took a hold

for far too long