Earlier this week, we ‘took over’ the Rough Trade Books’ Irregulars show on Soho Radio. From 2pm to 4pm, editor Danny Denton commandeered the London airwaves to take listeners on a sonic tour of our summer issue, with readings from many of the contributors and tunes to accompany them.

You can listen back to the show here.

Here’s Danny’s playlist in case further enticement is required!

  • NIV by Lambchop
  • Padraig Regan, featured poet in the issue, reading ‘The Understudies’, playing with These Years, by Lotus Plaza
  • James Hudson reading from his essay ‘Boys, Crying’
  • Nautilus by Anne Meredith
  • Maggie Armstrong reading from her essay ‘Trouble’
  • Tailor of Fitzrovia by Jonny Greenwood
  • Lisa Owens reading from her story ‘The Youths’
  • Yuko & Hiro by Blur
  • Glen Jeffries reading from his story ‘The Strange Kid’
  • Carin Seisitsu No shi by metoronori
  • Kangni Alem reading from his story ‘For Someone To Remember Them’
  • Oiran by Meitei
  • Emer O’Hanlon reading from her story ‘Diana in a lonely place’
  • Empire One by Katie Kim (with Seán Mac Erlaine)
  • Padraig Regan reading ‘Poem For Bobby Kendall’
  • Odrunun Derelei by Altin Gun
  • Numbers Man by Paul de Jong
  • Grace Wilentz reading her poem ‘The 40ft’
  • Padraig Regan reading ‘9-ball’
  • Bill Is Dead by The Fall
  • JL Bogenschneider reading from his story ‘The Mountain Lion’ and Jonathan C. Creasy reading ‘A Full Study of Darkness’ to Articulate Silences pt 1 by Stars of the Lid
  • Tom Willis reading from his story ‘Hot Dog’
  • Prisoner Of Love by Lester Young
  • Bríd Ní Mhórain ag léamh ‘Na Sméara’
  • John Patrick McHugh reading from his essay ‘Name Your Character’ to All Sung A Slender Song by Sean Mac Erlaine
  • Nameless Interiors by Ben Babbitt
  • Lanre Otaiku reading from his story ‘An Aesthetic Matter’
  • Sleeping Volcanoes by Cass McCombs
  • Martina Dalton reading her poem ‘Sonogram’ and Aodán McCardle reading  his poem ‘all the small things’ to Eyes Closed & Travelling by Peter Broderick
  • Jill Osier reading her poem ‘Leaving Musée Picasso’
  • Chimacun Rain by Linda Perhacs
  • Elaine Cosgrove (‘Processing’), Billy Ramsell (from ‘Conversations with Jóhann’) and Hayley Carr (from ‘Troubled by Static’) all reading to Part 1 of IBM 1401 A User’s Manual, by Jóhann Jóhannsson
  • John Kelly reading his poem ‘Dead Tree With Six Vultures’
  • With News About Heaven by William Tyler
  • Rachel Connolly reading from her story ‘In The End’
  • Spinning Away by Brian Eno featuring John Cale

A huge thank you to Nina Hervé from Rough Trade Books for the invite, to Huw Olesker for skilful and patient production, to Sara O’ Rourke for helping with the recordings, and to all the brilliant contributors who read from their wonderful work.